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44 thoughts on “Cats Being Jerks Video Compilation || FailArmy

  1. 3:20, yes condition the cat to attack a baby, just brilliant dickhead.

  2. 3:35 click hear, the cat love them bouncing boobs, no extra toys required for that cat :)

  3. the reason why they were attacked because those people were being jerks you idiot

  4. I love cats best animal ever

  5. Bo: this devil wont let me pass, cant you see hooman??

  6. Alternate title: Cats Who Hate Music and Things on Tables

  7. The cat that still knocked over the tea light after the owner said no was classic! Cats just don't care.

  8. there are some cats that are really very sweet and precious but that's few, most cats are jerks,that's part of being a cat
    and why i have a dog,love dogs

  9. This proves that cats are fucking evil.

  10. Cats are funny sometimes but as pets they are terrible lol probably gonna get attacked by you cat weirdos but it's ok I'll live

  11. 2:41 that horse (or donkey?) sounds like a dog.

  12. This is why I don't like cats. I mean I'm not saying all cats ate like this, just most cats I have met hate me and do in super scared of cats. I used to love them, but now I don't want one

  13. The cats that are mean are abused most likely

  14. Watch my most recent video! It's a hilarious cat video!

  15. Cats are just annoying. if they come into my garden I shoot them with an air rifle havent killed one yet but i did get one in the eye

  16. No wonder why the cat bites the woman at 3:40 You can see she slaps the cat more than 3 times. Go on cat, bite her fucking brain out!

  17. I loved the cat around the 4 minute mark. Please stop that attractive woman from singing shitty coffee house music.

  18. After the first one, I already new what this was gonna be, so I went immediately



  21. when a cat wants to be let go, LET GO OF IT.

  22. Cats are not idiot to be nice to you if you are an asshole to them. They are just trying to protect themselves cuz even their owners are mean to them.
    Some people deserve to die, like that first guy or that woman hitting her cat. They don't have any empathy.

  23. where the woman from at 3:35? i like to see her ;)

  24. the cats aren't being jerks, the owners are being jerks which provoke the cat. plus some of these videos aren't even them being jerks, its either animal instinct or they just want to be noticed.

  25. 3:35 I decided to get rid of my cat he loves to play I think he's teething(bite) (ugh) he's very kind (he bites her chest) LMBO hahaha NO TXS KEEP HIM!!!

  26. some owners don't treat their pets right so they are mean

  27. when is there going to be cats, getting killed compilation?

  28. 7:02 when your friend drunk and you calming him down

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