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Funny Kitten Rescued By Huskies Now Thinks Shes One Of The Pack News 

Funny Kitten Rescued By Huskies Now Thinks Shes One Of The Pack

Rescued and fostered animals usually aren’t alone in the house where they are taken in. Often times, there are other animals that are also being looked after at the same time. At first glance, this may seem like a recipe for fights, barks, hisses, and flying fur. But many times, the opposite is true! Animals who were not born together will still befriend and take care of one another like this mother and baby cat. Even if they aren’t born in the same litter, animalswill help out if they see that a fellow critter is in need. Even animals of different species can become best friends. This was the case for poor little Rosie the cat, who was so distressed after being rescued that she could barely eat. But fortunately, her amazing husky housemate Lilo stepped in to serve as a surrogate mother. Check below to see photos of the husky and her cat friend who definitely thinks she’s a dog now! [H/T: The Dodo]
After being found on the streets inSan Jose, CA, poor Rosie the kitten was completely distraught. She would barely eat and was unresponsive to any efforts at love and affection.
“When Rosie came our way, we tried to take care of her,” owner Thoa Bui explained to theDodo. “Nothing we did was working.” But then, Rosie met Lilo, one of Bui’s huskies, who immediately took the cat under her wing or paw!
Little by little, the kitten’s mood improved. Shebegan feeding while becoming friendly and cuddly!
And almost a year and half later, the two are still inseparable. In fact, they can’t not be cuddled up next to each other when they fall asleep!
She has also bonded with Lilo’s brother and sister, Miko and Infinity. Though she doesn’t look like them, the dogs have welcomed little Rosie into the family.
But this has caused another funny phenomenon: Rosie has adopted most of the huskies’ mannerisms! She even started using the bathroom outside after noticing Lilo doing it again and again.
She also insisted on walking around outside like they do. So Bui got Rosie her own lease and harness, just like the dogs have!
It’s certainly a sight to see the three huge huskies and their cat companion. Rosie loves being a part of the gang, even though she seriously sticks out.
Most importantly, the little cat is much happier than she was when she was first rescued. Thanks to Lilo, she has a big happy family to be a part of, that also includes Bui’s other rescued cats.
Though it seemed like she had given up on life in the beginning, the cute cat found affection and comfort from the most unlikely source a dog! She may be a little confused whether sheis a cat or husky, but there is no doubt that little Rosie is happy! If you can’t get enough of sweet interspecies friends, make sure to SHARE with friends and family on Facebook.

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