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34 thoughts on “How to Correct your Dog’s BAD Behavior!

  1. I have mix breed dog border collie and husky, he likes biting our hand and its too painful now, we always yell oucchh and stop but he never stop he still continue biting, im so upset and disappointed to my dogs, Please kindly advise :'(

  2. This stupid that is so dumb that don't help

  3. traveling with your pet please

  4. My dog is sensitive , he is adopted and his old owners hit him a lot

    I want to teach him how to do tricks but he is to scared of any moments to do so

    I'm confused to how I can get him to at least listen without getting scared

  5. how do i get my dog to stop jumping on people?

  6. Can anyone help me. I love my dog, but I tend to spoil her, giving her treats without needing to do anything. The only command she knows is sit. When I'm playing a game, watching a movie, or reading a book, she'll give me a look like she wants attention, so I'll go downstairs and throw one of her favorite toys for her, but she get easily distracted and loses interest in playing. It gets kinda frustrating. How should I help my dog to be obedient, and how should I handle getting through her daily activities while being busy myself?

  7. dude no one gives a shit about your life story quit running your fuckin mouth and get to the point my dog is biting my fucking foot right now

  8. Yoo, what do u guys use as dog treats? I would use boiled chicken and cheese, but is there something that doesn't require cooking and is still pretty healthy?

  9. Hello, Zak. Thank you for your videos!
    My dog is almost 3 years old, she doesn't like toys very much (she's an explorer, so to speak; just likes to wander and sometimes play with other dogs).
    She is very active and we usually walk without leash for her to calm down and get a bit tired. We can't play fetch (she's not interested in toys), but maybe there are other games one could teach adult dog?

  10. Man you should have your own tv show instead if Caesar milan

  11. Hi. We have just bought a Akita-cross. He has lots of energy. What would you suggest we do when you find in door poop or bin bad behaviour? How do we correct when we weren't there to see the crime?

  12. when I say "teen" age I mean he is now 14months I got him at 10 months.

  13. I got my dog as he was going into the "teen" age lacking all social and training. He was doing well until 4th of July. then all of a sudden he is going in the house. very anxious. I have to fight him to go walking. I can't seem to get him to relax. so how do I stop him from using my house and his crate as a potty? I literally will be about to open the door and he pees right in the way. like as soon as I put his leash on he starts going and won't stop. he shows no behavior like he needs to go.he was in is crate as I was waking up looked straight at me and peed a river before I could get out of bed. and I took him out 4 hrs before hand. He can hold it for 6hrs while I'm at work it makes no sense.

  14. Yeah my dog has problems w just about everything I have a cocker spaniel jack rustle mix that stay Is impossible with and she's got issues w being greedy or in a sense she kinda feels like everything belongs to her she growls a lot at other dogs and yeah trying to house train or correcting her on anything feels like I'm talking to a rock

  15. I have two dogs one behaves alittle more than the other but when together not should I train them seperate and they wont walk on a leash and not house broken need desperate help

  16. How do I move houses with a pomsky puppy?

  17. i have a question. my 6 month old puppy always tries to bite me. we have had her for 2 months and she has stopped biting both my parents (who i live with). is there anything i can do to get her to stop biting me. i have tried diverting her attention to a toy but she just keeps going for me. i would love it if you have any suggestions. thanx

  18. Wait, what? Did you just say you would give your dog a treat for chewing up the couch? C'mon man.

  19. Can someone help me? I have a English Mastiff, he's 1yr and 3 months. He likes to bark way too much and sometimes even at the wall, I give him some exercise but most days I don't. I'm wondering if this is the problem. Thanks.

  20. I have a blackjack 2 month old and sometimes it gets hypered and bite everything and everyone

  21. so I have trouble potty training my 2 dogs (springer spaniel/ American bull dog) named kizzy and artemis. I'm gone alot but my family I notice are not helpful by inforcing rules. I try to not stick their noses in the potty problem but seems when I do they do good job for few days then do it again. they are almost 8 months old shouldn't they be able control their blatter by now and how can I correct this issue. I'm moving in December with a friend who has 3 other dogs I want my boys be ready to have good behavior in new house and potty training main one

  22. your plugging is too long and annoying i have no patience to watch yoyr videos. maybe i need training with that too. how to tolerate your yapping about petflow. how about put that in the end of the video or just flash a simple ad!

  23. Do you have any videos with little Yorkie puppies

  24. I have a very bad situation with my Maltese. He continues to bite the wood off of the walls and it's destroying the house. How can I stop this?

  25. I have a problem with my dog destroying its bed. I still don't know how to stop it because no matter what I try, she just always takes it out of the kennel.

  26. I have a 9 week old Burmise Mt dog and he won't listen to me unless I am right next to him, and he totally ignores me no matter how hard I try to get his attention. I always let him to get his energy out before training, but he still doesn't listen! Please help!!

  27. Who doesn't know that he gets his food from pet flow

  28. My dog is so stupid that this didnt work

  29. Hi my dog does not want to stop biting my feet every time that I pass in front of him

  30. Do u know any awesome toys that my dog will like? She's full of energy, and chews up all her toys. Preferably a toy that keeps her busy whilst I'm busy

  31. hi, my dog is 11 weeks old and keeps growling at me and trying to bite me… what should I do ?

  32. This is how I discipline my dog for digging holes in my backyard, I put her ball in a high place where it is visible, and she only focuses on getting the ball and not digging holes

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