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35 thoughts on “How to Do Faster, Easier, and Cheaper Aquarium Water Changes

  1. How do you do a water change when the water should be warmer

  2. w0g

    How fast does dechlorinator act? I never suspected you could just drop some in your tank and then add 50% back directly from the tap of 8.0 pH, 2.0 ppm Ammonia, heavily chlorinated municipal water.

  3. Thanks for the idea, I have a pond submersible pump, never thought about using it.

  4. I do t understand how none of the water goes to waste

  5. I suppose you're wasting some of the dechlorinator adding it to the tank, mostly if it is like Prime and binds with some ammonia that might be present. It is supposed to be added to the new water.

  6. try to reverse the pump hose connection during water filling to make it faster.

  7. Wow amazing! Thanks for posting.

  8. hey steve, for the python, can you pretty much attach and old gravel vac to the end of it? I don't want to buy the long gravel vac for it cause I have one that was my old siphon/gravel vac that I used with buckets lol

  9. I have a smaller 20 gallon. I just do 25 to 30% once a week. I use a small pump and fill up a home depot 5 gallon bucket. Takes like 15 minutes. Most the time is spent filling the bucket. I'm still cycling the tank so I have done any gravel cleaning. Trying to get my ammonia levels up. Once my tank is cycled how often do you guys clean gravel?

  10. I gotta rest bro . anyway I like u because u commented on me. so I'll talk to u more later. You and I can teach each other more stuff. I gotta sleep some more . I work tonight. later Cichlids man!

  11. dude it works or get the reg fat tube that you used for the 90 gallon u have and put a loofah right under the water tube and empty the water filtering to another tank on the ground with a rubber band or something tight. king of DIY joey. he uses loofah's for his aquariums maybe no all but he says go cheap and save and less or 0 water changes. again his opinion and also I agree with him if it saves me money in water then sweet!(:

  12. also bio balls help out in a sump as well so u dont have to change water. But u like the natural habitat. but requires more work in my opinion but it suites you.

  13. nitrates are caused by the poop yes I understand. but i suck up poop with the thin tube used for the air pump. that's why its saves me water bill. that just helps me.

  14. my fish are all still alive doing will 4 aquarms. I just use a tube and suck up the poop

  15. dude didnt ask for your ignorant comment. joey is much cooler than you. why can't you be more nicer? I just hate wasting water.

  16. forget the water changes thatz what the submersible pump is for with filter inside or put a loofah inside cheap… and does the same job.. I have a loofah for my 55 gallon which has a 20 gallon pump but works fine. so I never change water. Why waste water…!

  17. no substrate vacuuming though ….

  18. what about the temprature of the new 50 % of water ?

  19. IT'Sit's better to have a longer tank then a taller one fish love to swim side to side not up n down

  20. Couldn't vacuuming gravel be combined with the water change, I wonder, using some kind of cirkulation pump… then vacuum gravel, waste water to a sink, reverse flow and refill… That's what I'm planning to test/do (just started a 95 gallon cichlid aquarium)

  21. I'm doing the buckets, and bubble stones in the bucket, and also running it thru the filter awhile.

  22. Hi. Great technique, but just some questions:
    1. Do you not use the gravel cleaner to sift through the sand to pick up waste etc?
    2. If not why and how would clean waste?
    3. How does the water remain so clear even whilst filling it up? It should have definitely picked up some fogginess or debris.
    4. I see that you had the Seachem Safe before adding the new water. Is this because the Seachem does not do anything to the current water as it is already safe so it remains potent enough whilst waiting for the new water?

    Thank you.

  23. I like how you added the timer. I always time my self.

  24. surely doing this is not cleaning your tank right, dont you have to get all your excess food out of the gravel and fish waist that has sunk to the bottom, i could be wrong. by takeing out half the water and replaceing it but then leaving all the waiat under the gravel is soon going to build up. it may be easier but its lazy and not good for your fish. my opinion.

  25. Excellent video. Buying the submersible pump right now.

  26. How does this save water in comparison with the bucket method? After all the water change is still 50%. It's way less time consuming but I don't get it how you save water.

  27. It takes me less time to fill buckets and carry them i swear:))

  28. so you just go with your mail tap water pH ? This can be a dangerous water change with ph ad temp fluctuations and half the tank volume.

  29. what about the pH fluctuation ? Why not dilute safe 1st with some new water.
    A little scary, especially with the huge volume of water you are changing.
    Wouldn't do more than 1/3 per week….

  30. Hi Steve, just subscribed great video. As I live in UK the problem I have is the python tap connectors don't fit my mixer tap. Don't you add any Cichlid Salt or conditioner. I use Seachem Malawi buffer, salt and trace. Adding them into my Aquarium during the water changes. Just added Caribsea Cichlid sand substrate into my Aquadecor set up. Check out my YouTube page, and Facebook page. Now going to watch your other videos. That's my day sorted CichlidChip

  31. How much safe do you add? I had a bad experience adding directly to my tank & lost a whole shipment of Cichlid Shack fish . It uncycled my tank long story short I add the water to a 45 gallon first then add safe & then pump it to my tank. Only drawback is can't take out as much water at once

  32. If I have a bathroom sink near my room where the tank is, can I just take a clean garden hose and attach it to the faucet and snake it to the tank? Would I have to put the chemicals that I use (ph decrease and some slime replacement) into the hose before I turn it on? or after the water is in the tank?

  33. Great vid Steve. I have a 20mm (20 metre) hose. Drains very fast but I have fall from the house to the garden. I jam the top bit of a 3 litre juice bottle over the end and can use this as a vacuum if needed. Then fill from the sink with a 12mm hose fitted to a big pvc T that has a snap connector and spreads the water as it fills. The eheim battery vac is great but can cloud the water a bit as it picks up waste. I still use it depending on the tank. It's best for planted tanks to give a gentle vac.

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