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9 thoughts on “How to entertain your cat!

  1. My cat loves this video and the hamster ones. He will sit and wait when I turn on the PC for this to come on screen. He sits in front of the screen and gets so wound up he can not control himself and will attack the screen.

    I am very worried that his claws will puncture the screen and than no more TV, Laptop, or desk top monitor. I am trying to teach him gentle.

    His most favorite is when I use the feature to run this on the big screen TV

  2. My cat (11 years old) watched the whole thing and tried to punch the birds from time to time

  3. This is the only video that got my cats attention XD they were so confused

  4. This video is really cool! I projected it on the tv screen and my cat started hitting it. This one is his favorite.

  5. my mane coon loves this. he watched the entire thing.

  6. My kitten loves it, but we both thought that one bird was a bully. 

  7. My cat gets all lovey dovey and tries to nap on me.  She's not even like that hardly.

  8. My cat watches it about 3 min, take a look back of TV and see there's nothing, and it realizes it is just a hoax, and then goes away angry :(

  9. My cat watches this every night chills her out :)

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