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18 thoughts on “Sunday Funday Fish Room Update Drilling Tanks and other Shenanigans

  1. Michael, Do you have any cichlids?

  2. Michael your channel is underrated. I appreciate your videos. Fry Fry Friday is the best!

  3. Sorry to hear about the tank… good update though. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  4. Riccia Flutians was the floating plant.

  5. Right on Mikey !!!! try for 15 percent water changes everyday. 15 times 7 days a week than you'll be at 105 percent water change a week.. That would be great for breeding… But looking great Mikey, glad the pesky Camalanus worms are gone.. Shout out to Greg Sage for providing the treatment… Stand up and do a water change fish tank dummies !!!!

  6. Great update Michael!
    Thumbs up!

  7. i think another ratchet strap (or even two) going the other way… up and over the top and under the bottom of the tub

  8. Sorry, well was it at least a nice drive.

  9. Sorry I can't reply direct to your replys mate. Not the option on my phone. Yeah, try to be more picky and choosey when it comes to getting more fish. Teach yourself not to give in to temptation. Maximumize all your tank space, fish room space, fish, etc…. To your best of your ability. Checkout Greg Sage. 35 tanks is NOT a lot!

  10. that was a great Sunday Funday update and good car rant at the end true stuff we all need to know in what to expect in this hobbie thanks Mike

  11. The buying and selling game brings up all sorts! Lol.

  12. Football isn't what it once was. Liverpool still need to strengthen there defence and goalkeeping. ( I said that at the start of the season)

  13. I get messed around all the time by people who contact me about buying stuff. Don't even get a sorry from them.

  14. Not being funny but you need to limit the amount of new fish your bringing in all the time coz you will end up more expense on meds with more dead fish problems. Only get new fish you really want that are good stock. And build up all your existing stock before selling them off. Every second or third tank should have breeders in them. So if its red wag platys pick out your redest fish breed from them and look for any unusual fin patterns. Work with what you have and sell off any weak fish with bent spines bend dorsals etc.

  15. if its glass sell it as a reptile tank danm

  16. omg i need some of ur molly fish fry I love orange fish

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