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37 thoughts on “Videos for Cats to Watch – Birds and Squirrels on The Ground – Video

  1. LSJ

    Charlie, Mojo and Gypsy thank you!

  2. Awesome video, my cats loved this! ^_^ But my cat was scared of the squirrel's footsteps. :(

  3. Thanks now my cat has destroyed my tab 4

  4. My cat climbed into my lap and wouldn't budge, figured I may as well entertain her if she's going to sit on me so I put this on. 5 minutes in she leaped at the screen, I kinda regret watching this with her now but at least she was entertained, haha.

  5. This is so relaxing. I like to watch it before I sleep.

  6. My cat Tabby loves this. When the big birds came in, she tried to jump towards my TV. She's been watching it intensely. Thank you for making this. Keep up the good work.

  7. Omg Paul thank you so much, this was great experience to watch this with my cat. She was just getting ready to sleep near me when I came accros this video, so I decided to show her. First few minutes she stared utterly amazed, followed all the movements of animals with her eyes (even tried to find those birds on the celling when they flied of the screen). Then she tried to grab the animals multiple ties scratching my phone a bit. After the video ended she jumped of the bed and attacked walls and even spider hanging there. After a while she started walking around the room with very confused look on her face just staring at random. I was worried about her at this point, but any attempts to console her were useless. Then she just walked downstairs and outside to cool her head. I hope she'll be alright, I'm pretty worried if she'll ever return

  8. hey!I just got myself a kitten and she hasn't really been playful, she likes to try to touch the birds with her nose!!She's so cute doing it! I think I found a way to entertain her!tysm! ;)

  9. My pets love this. CC Kitty is watching it intently as I write this. It's kind of relaxing, too. Thank you Paul :^)

  10. Want a new TV?
    Want to claim on your house insurance?
    Get your cat to watch this video.
    My cat leapt from the sofa straight up to the TV.
    I had to turn it of after a couple of minutes before she destroyed it.

  11. Good to see such a collection of wild birds, enjoy them in my garden

  12. My cat was interested, smelled the computer screen & looked behind the computer. When he couldn't find any birds, he lost interest, no birds here!

  13. my cat launched herself at the screen

  14. didnt think my cat would actually watch this… it kept her captivated XD

  15. my cat watched intensely. I kept it on when I got up from my bed and left her in the room.

  16. my cat is wackiness it☺☺☺

  17. I have to say I enjoyed this more than my cat lol

  18. my cats are watching this till they realished it wasnt real

  19. My cat was watching until she realised she couldn´t smell them on the screen XD still so cute

  20. First video my cats ever watched. They didn't get the commercial but loved the video!

  21. Chloe (cat) loves this…me too !!!! :)

  22. My cat LOVED this! Cracked me up! Best video's for cat's — my cat nominates it for an Academy! She loved the devilish main character, Squirrel who fiendishly scared all the birds away! Thanks!!

  23. This video was so cool! My cat sat in front of it for almost the whole video. I could tell see loved it!

  24. My cat watched this and then suddenly started pondering what life is after he found out that they weren't real. he's just been staring at the wall for hours, not moving, just staring with a blank look in his eye.i do not recommend this video as it has broken Hank (my cat)

  25. lol my cat watched the whole thing shes crying for moreee

  26. My cat Shifty and I watched the whole video. Sometimes you see them flying all the way in for the food from afar. Really beautiful video, I/we loved it.

  27. My cat was pawing my tablet alot…

  28. My cat tot that she was in the jungle and try to catch it lol hahhaha btw good vid

  29. I love these kind of videos.

  30. I feed the squirrels and birds and my cats enjoy watching them through the windows. This is exceptional footage and we all enjoyed watching it curled up in a warm bed. Thank you.

  31. Not only did my cat love this, but so did I. Great video! Thank you

  32. 0:40??? Ground is good. Safe? again enjoying the wonderful background The blue tits move so quickly

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